【Environment】Plan your trip carefully: see from the picture to see which countries you can tap to drink

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Adding moisture to your body is an essential element while travelling. Imagine during a hot day, visiting the natural beauty and old sites will cost you lose water. To avoid your body getting worse affecting your holiday mood, it is best to make sure at all times to get water supplies. HYDY keeps reminding readers to protect the environment so to minimize purchasing bottled water. Of course it's the best if you could get water directly from tap, however not all countries in this world could provide safety water sources – and some may cause concern. Here a set of data presented by US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will remind you the drinkable water situation around the world. Look at it to see whether you could have the water straight ahead.

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We all know the importance of staying well-hydrated when on the move. But with traveller's diarrhoea, hepatitis A, typhoid and cholera among the illnesses that can be transmitted with bad water, it pays to know where it's safe to drink the tap water. We have decided to do our research and it turns out you may need your bottled water more than you think (*according to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.)
If you are planning on travelling to a different country, be wise and make sure you are prepared. Check out our traveller's guide to tap water below to find out if you need to stock up on bottled water.
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